Hey there, I'm Gabi.

I'm a curious freelance developer with a business background and a passion for building things. Nice to meet you!

About me

When I got my business degree, I landed a good job as a Quality Manager at a large corporation. I learnt a lot, but I wanted to explore more and have different perpectives about businesses in Tech. It was when I attended a Startup Weekend and I was contaminated by the energy of the startup environment. My startup was a finalist, so I quit my job to devote my time and energy to it.

I was getting more and more interested about strategies and creating applications from scratch, so I decided to start learning web development. I graduated from a hands-on web development program at CDI.

Now I create websites and features for different types of businesses and startups and work full time as a backend developer at one of the biggest e-commerce websites in the fashion industry. I participate in local coding groups where I connect with people and learn from their experiences. I am also a mentor for beginner-friendly workshops at LADIES LEARNING CODE


I am always looking to learn more and I am open to engage in new projects or experiences related to web development.


Shopify and Wordpress. Websites focused on engaging users.


HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery. Huge fan of Responsive Design and intuitive UX.


C# and PHP. I also have interest in improving my programming skills overall.


These are projects that I have worked as a web developer, manager and founder.

Dynamic E-commerce Website

E-commerce, responsive, Shopify

E-commerce website

E-commerce, responsive, Shopify

Website, interactive program

Javascript, PHP, responsive

Dynamic E-commerce Website

E-commerce, responsive, Shopify

E-commerce Website

E-commerce, Bootstrap, Wordpress

Online Language School

Education, Languages, Business

Say Hello.

Feel free to drop me a letter anytime. I would love to hear from you.